Maintenance service for lead-acid batteries

Is regular and time-consuming in-house battery maintenance difficult or impossible? This does not mean having to miss out on the numerous advantages of well-maintained lead-acid batteries:

  • long life
  • reliable performance
  • less costs
  • fewer new purchases
  • environmentally friendly

Take advantage of our battery maintenance service.
We offer a reliable battery maintenance service according to specified test cycles with precise documentation.

This battery maintenance service is recommended in particular for batteries subject to high repetitive loads and to provide a reliable emergency power supply. This ensures that batteries function correctly and failures due to a lack of battery power are prevented.

Our experienced service engineers regularly measure battery capacities. The measured values are carefully collected and documented. If GIONATEX engineers should notice any deviations or deterioration of the battery, regeneration is carried out professionally, the battery values are measured again and proof of the success of battery regeneration provided.

Do you want to save costs and be assured that your batteries are ready to use whenever they are needed? Then simply phone us for a quote.