Battery maintenance ― A job with a future

Become a franchise or distribution partner

GIONATEX Regenerators for lead-acid batteries have a diverse range of applications.
We are therefore constantly expanding our network with new, reliable and motivated partners. We offer diverse opportunities in a promising field of business.

  1. You can maintain batteries in daily operation on our behalf.
  2. You can carry out project business on our behalf.
  3. You can purchase our regenerators and use them independently.
  4. You can work independently as a franchise partner.
  5. You can start as a distribution partner.

Whatever you choose, we will be happy to advise you and provide information material as well as product training ― at national and international operating sites in the respective national language. Become part of an international network with certified service partners. We support each other in a growing market.

With our constantly further developed GIONATEX Regenerators for lead-acid batteries, we offer a modern product in a growing market ― because the conservation of resources and product value is gaining in importance.