More power for batteries!

The technology is simple. All you need to know is how it works.

Lead-acid battery technology is more than 180 years old. Time for something new! Time for a technology designed to extend the life of lead-acid batteries and maintain a higher capacity ― over the entire battery life. Time for battery regeneration with GIONATEX! Be inspired by our innovative service and save costs.

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GIONATEX battery maintenance: How it works

The majority of lead-acid batteries are often unavoidably subject to the following typical phenomena in everyday use for maintenance reasons:

  • frequent exhaustive discharge
  • irregular maintenance cycles
  • interruption of charging cycle
  • overload
  • incorrect storage

The consequences of premature battery ageing: degraded charge/discharge performance, lower capacity and accelerated wear. Reasons: deposits on the lead plates and a lower electrolyte density.

Battery performance decreases faster and maintenance intervals are shorter. This costs time, electricity and material. Use is no longer cost-efficient. A new battery is needed. Or you can take advantage of our efficient battery maintenance service.

Our battery regenerator solution is based on a controlled frequency pulse. This gently removes and reduces the deposits on the lead plates. The electrolyte density is increased, which improves the total battery capacity considerably. Battery performance is more consistent over a longer period of time. This not only saves money, but is also environmentally friendly.