Battery maintenance in logistics

Reliability down to the last detail

Reliability is always an important factor. However, in logistics in particular, everything must run smoothly and according to schedule. And this is precisely what the GIONATEX battery maintenance service ensures.

Already our first regenerators improved the performance of batteries in forklift trucks, self-propelled lifting platforms or small and large truck fleets. Batteries in forklift trucks, lifting platforms and cranes in particular have a dual function: they supply the power for lifting and transport functions as well as operation.

A critical moment can occur under load. A sudden drop in battery capacity and loading capability during a lifting operation, for example, can endanger people and cargo. This can be prevented by regular battery maintenance and regeneration with GIONATEX Regenerators. The battery performance curve then falls evenly and controlled. Lead-acid batteries can be used for longer and safety at the workplace is ensured.

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